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SSMC’s first Burns Supper!

Hi everyone,

What self-respecting single malt scotch club wouldn’t have their own Burns Supper? Well, the answer to that question is none that I can think of. I am so excited to introduce the Saigon Single Malt Club’s first ever Burns Supper. A Burns Supper is a day to celebrate the life and poems of Robert Burns. While the formal Burns Supper would include only the haggis (info here) the SSMC dinner will be more diverse – in fact, as diverse as our membership. We will keep with the tradition of the piping of the haggis, poetry reading, a Toast to the Lassies and, of course, a reply from the ladies to the toast. And yes, they are meant to be funny! You will most definitely want to be part of the fun!

When: Thursday, January 23rd, 2014
Where: Casablanca Restaurant, 58/9 Thanh Thai, District 10
Time: 7pm
Seating: limited to a total of 15 members and their guests
Cost: 1.200.000VND for members/1.500.000VND for guests

If you would like to read some Burns poetry or give the toast (man and woman needed) let me know ASAP and I can provide you with as little (if you are feeling creative) or as much as you need for you to shine.
Please book early to avoid disappointment. I look forward to seeing you there!

Warm regards,

SSMC Burns supper

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