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Our story is as old as it is new. Embrace a cuisine influenced by ancient Arabic and Mediterranean cultures to create, new flavor profiles. Ras el Hanout is an essential ingredient in Moroccan households and ours is a blend of over 20 different spices. It gives foods fragrant, aromatic and warmly spiced flavors that Moroccan dishes are renown for.

And we allow our imaginations to take flights of fancy. Harissa is a fiery spice blend that we make into a sauce which accompanies many of our dishes. And if you’ve read this far, you may be surprised to know that we also use the spice to make our own harissa gelato. Care for a sample? Just mention that you read it here!

We welcome you to Casablanca and welcome you to discover our classic and contemporary fare. We hope you enjoy our take on a timeless cuisine.

Casablanca Moroccan Cuisine



Casablanca Restolounge’n Bar

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19:00 || 07/09/2019

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