Why’s an American guy preparing Moroccan Cuisine?

    When guests come to our restaurant, the question I am asked most is “Why Moroccan food? You’re not Moroccan!” While it’s safe to say that I don’t look anything like a Moroccan native, I can say that my experience with the cuisine goes back many years.

    When I was first introduced to the cuisine, I was immediately drawn to the fragrant aromas and warmly spiced flavors of the various dishes. As someone who’s outgoing, Moroccan food is a great way to socialize. By nature, Moroccan food is created with sharing in mind. Our dishes are portioned for at least two persons. The presentation of a Moroccan dish with its mouth watering aromas and fragrances make for an immediate conversation starter. We also serve a smaller, single serving lunch portion, as well. 

    The main dish of Morocco is the tajine which refers to both the dish and the cooking vessel. The tajine braises meats until they’re exceptionally tender and moist. I always recommend the lamb tajine for those who are trying Moroccan cuisine for the first time. The tenderness of the braised lamb shank in a rich and savory broth contrasting with the sweet and  notes from the dried fruits and warm spices make for a taste experience like none other. Ras el hanout spice blend of over 19 different spices is a staple in the Moroccan household and is an essential part of our dishes. 

    Next time I will present another popular Moroccan dish, the couscous dish. I hope you have enjoyed reading this brief introduction and look forward to welcoming you at our restaurant.

Stephen Thomas